Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Since December 2012, the Clinical Neurophysiology Residents' team opened a monthly presentation of clinical cases in which multidisciplinary teams have worked. The case report section is available on the right side menu. Here we present a drug resistant epileptic patient in which TMS was used for surgery planning.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Conferences during Spanish Society of Neurology LXIV Congress

From 20th to 24th of November 2012 took place the LXIV annual meeting of Spanish Society of Neurology and Electromyography Club.

Here, in Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, our Resident Physicians' Tutor, met our major colleagues who finished Clinical Neurophysiology in Hospital del Mar during 2008-2011 period: Monica Vicente, Nadim Ailouti Caballero, Salvador Amezcua and Jacob Diaz.
Few days ago, Dra Inma Royo de Mingo and Dr Salvador Amezcua

We had the opportunity to talk with them and to open new contacts for this Clinical Neurophysiology Journal Club WEBSITE. Salva, CN Specialist in a Hospital of the lovely Balearic Island of Menorca had the idea to open a new section in our blog to present a monthly interesting case report.

Prof. Dr. Agustín Codina Puiggrós receiving the annual award of Spanish Society of Neurology.

Dr. Massimo Leone talking about myths and reality of the brain stimulation for Cluster Headache performed in Pain Neuromodulation Unit, Dept of Neurology, Headache Center Carlo Besta NIF Milan

Dr. Angel Arracedo Alvarez, Fundacion Publica Gallega de Medicina Genomica (SERGAS) talking about phenotype problem in genetic components search of complex neuropsyquiatric disorders. TICs and Obsessive Compuslive Disorders.
Common genetic variant could confer susceptibility to clinically related phenotypes, and defines a new functional hint in the pathophysiology of psychiatric diseases (see here).

Dr Delgado searching for traits of the new antiepileptic drugs. A clinical overview of AEDs can be checked in Bahrain Medical Bulletin, Vol.28, No.3, September 2006 (here).

Excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS), Epworth 21/24 of 5 year associated to Paraneoplastic Encephalitis in a 40 year old pacient with orchiectomy for testicular teratoma and drug Resistant Epilepsy, case report in poster presented with 129H/2225 code by Dr Ion Alvarez Guerrico, clinical neurophysiologist of our CN Staff in Hospital del Mar.
In 2004 a comprehensive clinical analysis of 38 patients with anti-Ma2 encephalitis was performed by  Dalmau et al and was published in Brain (see here). Overall, 12 patients had clinical evidence of seizures (seven partial complex seizures; five partial complex seizures and generalized tonicclonic seizures). Thirteen patients developed diencephalic dysfunction, 12 with EDS and two of them with cataplexy and hypnagogic hallucinations.
The case presented show the presence of both limbic and diencephalic symptoms with manifestation during a large period of time and the importance of the Clinical Neurophysiology to evidence the clinical manifestations of these injuries wich appear together or before of cancer complications.

Dr Amezcua, Dr Puente, Dra Royo and Dr Diaz, few days ago


Today, Clinical Neurophysiology Unit

Ana, Merce and Lola, members of the Nursing Staff

Tanya, student from University of Maryland and bioengineer Armand Gutierrez, Barcelona Biomedical Research Park collaborator together with Dr Principe, just few minutes ago.
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wednesday 8:20H a.m.

The group of Clinical Neurophysiology Residents in Hospital del Mar Barcelona, runs their weekly session of scientific communications (paper discussions and projects data disclosure) every Wednesday at 8:20H a.m. in sessions hall of Servei de Neurofisiologia del Hospital del Mar.